GGF is a sending agency enabling missionaries to pursue their God-given call and vision.



Our vision is to advance Christs global mandate to make disciples of all peoples.
As disciples are made they will join or form vital, reproducing, indigenous fellowships. Their transformed lives will steadily exert a transforming impact on their culture toward righteousness, justice, productivity, and mercy.

Our mission is to enable cross-cultural workers to carry out their distinct God-given vision to make reproducing disciples of Jesus among all peoples. 
Rather than ask missionaries to fulfill our vision, we accept missionaries with a God-given vision and assist them in fulfilling that vision.  GlobalGrace is also committed to pursuing UUPG’s (Unengaged and Unreached People Groups).  These precious people are mostly unknown to Christians around the world. This means no one is praying for them, seeking ways to share the love of God with them, going to serve them, learning their language or finding ways to effectively share the Good News of Jesus in culturally appropriate ways.  God’s plan is for all people to have an opportunity to hear about Jesus, the Savior of the world, so GlobalGrace will seek new missionaries to be part of God’s Kingdom advance to the darkest, most unreached areas of the world.

Our missionaries advance the Great Commission in a variety of ways:
Evangelism, teaching, church planting, discipleship, through media, medical care, orphanages, correspondence courses, Bible schools, development, literature, translation, tent making, intervention, gospel clubs for slum children, a school for the deaf and more.


Our passion is to see people of all nations surrender to Jesus Christ and His life-giving grace.

One of our areas of strength is that we welcome any missionary with a God-given vision that advances the Great Commission. Most mission agencies require you to fit their vision. We do not recruit missionaries to fulfill our vision, but instead, accept missionaries with a God-given vision and endorsement by their sending U.S. church and enable them to do what the Lord has called them to do. We are fully committed to advancing the Great Commission, but totally flexible in the ways our missionaries do this.

GGF is also very open regarding age, training, and background. We are excited to help retired Christians enter a second career in missions. While all candidates are expected to have good Bible knowledge, ministry skills, and missions understanding, we have no minimal academic requirements for service. We do consider a diploma from an accredited Bible institute or the equivalent in formal education or Christian service and seminary training to be desirable. Over the years, GGF missionaries have come from a wide range of professions—baking, building contracting, management, carpentry, programming, engineering, teaching, factory work, financial administration, hospital administration, journalism, nursing, pastoring, photojournalism, secretarial work, wholesale trading, and more, but their common thread is a passion and vision for advancing the Great Commission.

We are flexible in partnering with churches and other agencies to place cross-cultural workers around the globe. We work as closely with churches as they desire, and we are working in partnership with several mission agencies.

In our missionaries' own words:

  • "Promptly answers questions."
  • "Encourages healthy reflection and strategic prayer and planning through the annual report process."
  • "Personal touch' is a hallmark of GGF's work with missionaries."
  • "Helps maintain contact with supporters."
  • "Provides prompt receipts and financial services."
  • "Unwavering Biblical foundations."
  • "The quality of service is superb."
  • "Unique provision for missionaries needing sponsorship and home-end assistance."
  • "Freedom for missionaries to fulfill their God-given vision."
  • "A strong, authentic spiritual flexibility that enriches and demonstrates God's inclusive desire in building His Kingdom."

Unique provision for missionaries needing sponsorship and home-end assistance.
— Global Grace Missionary

  • "Enables field-driven strategies."
  • "Sweet spirit, spirit of service, very cordial, efficient, patient and accommodating."
  • "Strong believers who have many years of experience in missions and in ministry."
  • "Encourages "out of the box" thinking about missions."
  • "Visits missionaries on the field, encouraging, connecting, and helping refine vision."
  • "Deducts a minimal amount for overhead."
  • "Strong tradition and firm commitment to Biblical values and evangelism."
  • "Provides an essential role in the Body of Christ for innovative/entrepreneurial workers who would otherwise have difficulty in fully exercising their gifts."
  • "We can feel love; we know you pray for us."


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GlobalGrace Fellowship, formerly Go Ye Fellowship, traces its history back to the early 1930s when Andrew E. and Jennie Mitchell received a vision for foreign mission evangelism. At their local church in Los Angeles, Jennie organized a Sunday School class for young married couples. Calling themselves the “Go-Ye Bible Class” after Matthew 28:19, they pledged $50 a month for missions, wrote letters of encouragement, and met weekly to intercede for each missionary by name.

Jennie challenged the class to take on the full support of one of their own couples and send them out. First one couple, then another, went to southwestern China. Next a couple left for Borneo, and another for India.

Soon the Mitchells’ son Hubert and his wife Helen, along with their children, obeyed God’s call to Sumatra and were included among those supported by the Go-Ye Bible Class.  Helen died on the field in 1940 following childbirth.

By 1936, the senior Mitchells saw the need for a stronger home-support base, and the Go-Ye Bible Class became the “Go-Ye Fellowship,” an interdenominational missions group.

Over the years, Go Ye ministries included a missionary training institute, radio programs, Bible studies, rallies, field visits, fund raising, art, literature and printing, in addition to sending its own missionaries and helping to encourage and support others.

When by 1944 the growth of the Fellowship necessitated incorporation, the mission became “The Go-Ye Fellowship, Inc.”  Soon Go Ye could claim workers on every habitable continent.

Hubert Mitchell married Rachel Edwardsen, a Norwegian missionary, after the Lord brought them together in a remarkable way.

Jennie and Andrew trekked across continents bringing the good news of Jesus Christ, visiting and encouraging the Go Ye missionaries. Andrew died in 1964, and Hubert Mitchell took on leadership of the mission in 1967. Jennie continued to minister worldwide until her home going at 92 years in Nairobi, Kenya in 1977.

In 1993, Go Ye President Hubert Mitchell handed the reins to Bill Gustafson. At that time the mission had 34 missionaries; several had been with Go Ye from our early beginnings.

In order to build relationships with the worldwide missions community and draw on advanced resources for a growing number of missionaries, Go Ye moved in 1993 to the William Carey International University campus, across the street from the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena. 

Go Ye Fellowship brought its missionaries together for its first Convocation in January 2004. After 11 years as President, Bill Gustafson turned over the leadership to Gordon Rohn. By this time the mission had grown to just over 60 missionaries

The year 2007 occasioned a grand celebration of Go Ye's seventy-five years of missionary service. Go Ye missionaries and friends came from the far corners to gather for a feast of food, fellowship, and praise to the Lord. A special delight was the presence of one of Go Ye's first missionaries, Bob Williams, “Borneo Bob”, at 95 years old.

Most of Go Ye’s pioneer missionaries had gone on to their reward or had retired, resulting in a work force that is, on the average, considerably younger.

Summer of 2012 brought Go Ye missionaries from all over the globe for a week-long “Family Reunion” in celebration of Go Ye’s 80th anniversary. Close to 100 missionaries (with kids), Go Ye staff and leadership, speakers and special guests gathered in Big Bear California for a time of fellowship, teaching, and worship with “soul care” as the theme.

Today Go Ye Fellowship includes 80+ missionaries, working throughout the world, served by a home staff of five.

What a heritage!