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GlobalGrace Fellowship has a burden for Africa and its people. Africa is not only an extremely unique place; it is a land of extreme diversity. With over 600 million people living in more than 50 countries, there are hundreds of languages, cultures and people groups. Many Africans live in modern cities, drive modern cars and talk on cellular phones each day. Millions of others live in primitive huts, with little to eat, and endure chronic health problems. One thing all Africans have in common, however, is that they live in a problem-stricken continent with enormous human suffering and need.

For decades, GlobalGrace Fellowship has been sending missionaries to Africa and we have found that many Africans have heard of Jesus Christ and have received Him as their personal Savior. Yet tens of millions are still waiting to hear the salvation message of Christs work on the cross. Currently GGF missionaries are involved in various ministries,  including evangelism and discipleship, church planting, educational and medical services, AIDS awareness and assistance, childrens and youth ministries, community development projects, deaf and disabled people's ministries, material development and translation projects, and more. GlobalGrace Fellowship's workers are empowering nationals to raise up African leadership both in the urban and rural areas. As over half of Africas population is under the age of 16, GGF has found it extremely important to offer more help to the children and youth of Africa. Our ministries in this area include children's homes, school development, HIV medical assistance, scholarship programs, leadership trainings, and material resources.

Opportunities for ministry are abundant in every country of Africa. If you are interested in being a part of reaching this continent for Christ, whether it be through prayer support, financial assistance, or volunteering your service in some way, please contact GlobalGrace Fellowship regarding your area of interest so that we may assist you in making a valuable contribution. Like many other regions of the world, Africa is an ideal place for a tentmaker ministry. See

Please pray for the lost of this great continent, for our current workers,
our future workers, and for God's provision of the needed finances that
will allow us to keep serving in Africa.

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