Preparing for the field

To partner with GlobalGrace Fellowship the following steps are taken:

Step 1: Candidate completes and submits a Preliminary Questionnaire.

Step 2: If it seems the candidate might be a good fit with GGF, the candidate will be sent an Application Packet.

Step 3: Candidate prepares and completes the Application Packet, which includes:

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  • Personal/biographical information
  • Account of candidate’s conversion
  • Explanation of candidate’s call to missions
  • Description of candidate’s God given vision for ministry
  • Reference/referral letters
  • Personality Profile Questionnaire
  • Signed Statement of Faith

Step 4: Completed application packet is reviewed and presented to the Personnel Committee.

Step 5: Candidate Interview with Personnel Committee

Step 6: Upon acceptance, the new missionary is assisted by the Home Office Staff:.

  • Introduction to bookkeeping process
  • Completion of human resource documents
  • Resources for fund raising and donor relations

Step 7: Upon successful fund raising, passport and government visa requirements, and completion of all required documents, the Missionary is approved to leave for their field of service.