Pray that doors for the gospel will remain open, for the evangelizing and discipleship of young believers and for leadership development.


Castillo Family
Met and Ina Castillo

The work of missions has become global, meaning that the sending base of missions is from everywhere to anywhere. Motivated by an obedience to the Great commission, the Philippine Church has joined other Asian churches by sending missionaries to reach and disciple the unreached nations and people groups.

One of the key ingredients to equipping successful missionaries is missionary training. Met and Ina Castillo train Filipino and other Asian workers at the Great Commission Missionary Training Center. Their motto is “training for action”, and they present biblically-based and culturally relevant education for missionary and ministry personnel in Antipolo City, Philippines. In addition to running the training center in the Philippines, Met is helping other Asian leaders in training their own missionaries. He travels throughout Asia to assist in developing training programs and to lecture in churches and training centers.


Tan Family
Jason and Donna Tan

The work of missions has become global, meaning that the sending base of missions is from everywhere to anywhere. Motivated by an obedience to the Great Commission, the Philippine Church has joined with other Asian churches by sending missionaries to reach and disciple the unreached nations and people groups. Jason and Donna Tan oversee and work at the Great Commission Missionary Training Center, training pastoral and mission leaders for effective ministry, both in formal and non-formal educational settings. They also mentor young pastoral leaders and elders on a monthly basis in order to help them become effective in their ministries. They also provide livelihood training programs and financial literacy for socially vulnerable people. Intentional evangelism is an integral part of this training.

Jason and Donna are pictured here with their children, Joshua (16) and Elisha (11), both avid swimmers.

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Mahawon Family
Shan and Lindsey Mahawon

Shan and Lindsey Mahawon direct a children’s home and church in northern Thailand.  Shan is now the head pastor of the local church founded by his parents 20 years ago.  They serve with his parents’ ministry, Trumpets of Christ International, sharing the Gospel with the Thai and Shan people of Thailand as well as manage Faith Village Children’s Home.  Shan has a passion to see the church reach people for Christ and enjoys connecting with the youth.  Lindsey loves teaching any age and runs an English school at Faith Village.  Both Shan and Lindsey have a heart for mentoring the next generation to become nation-changers to reach Thailand’s largely Buddhist population with the Gospel!  They have one daughter named Sierra who is full of spunk and joy.  As a family they love to explore new places, try new foods, and watch movies.


daniel p.

Daniel has served as a Christian professional (part-time tentmaker) in Asia since 1991. As a teacher on a university campus, he has been able to share his Christian faith with young scholars. He has helped establish discipleship groups, instructing young believers in the scriptures and equipping them to take on teaching and leadership roles amongst their peers. Daniel is teaching conversational English to engineering students and has a passion to mentor young Asian men as they prepare to serve the Body of Christ throughout Asia and the world. 

Daniel has served as a ministry team leader for over 40 Christian professionals from 15 different countries. As a team, they use their skills as teachers, engineers, medical professionals, businessmen and agronomists to contribute to Asia’s economic development while also helping to establish churches. 

As an effective communicator, Daniel passionately shares personal experiences and the spiritual needs of Asia. He has spoken to churches, conferences and university groups on four continents. He hopes to encourage more Christian professionals to serve alongside him in Asia.


Cathleen Lawler

Cathleen’s passion is to connect God’s resources with Kingdom opportunities around the world.  Her interest in missions began in 1988 when she took her first short-term missions trip to Guatemala.  Since that time she has lived in various parts of the world and served in many others.  

Cathleen believes that collaboration has been vital in the roles she has had in the community as a police department chaplain, hospice chaplain, neighborhood minister, and missions pastor.  She also serves as a Ministry Coach for students at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary.   Her new venture will be to facilitate a collaborative effort to extend the Kingdom among unreached peoples in Southeast Asia.  


Samaddar Family
Alpha and Emily Samaddar

Alpha and Emily Samaddar have a heart and passion for the youth of Bangladesh. Alpha is a native of Bangladesh and is a musician, leading worship whenever he gets the chance. He has written numerous Bangladeshi worship songs and has produced two CDs. Alpha is currently on the worship team at their Church. Emily is an Art and ESL Teacher that was born a missionary kid in Europe. She has a love for mentoring youth and fostering artistic abilities.

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MC and Vivian
MC and Vivian

MC first arrived in East Asia in the mid-1980s; as a family, MC & Vivian moved there in 2000. Over the years they have served in many capacities, usually related to education, administration and hospitality. They now serve as team leaders: recruiting, training, caring for and networking with scores of Christian professionals from many nations. Like MC & V, these workers were invited to Asia because their skills are needed, though the faith that fuels their service is not as welcome. Nonetheless, they quietly labor, love and bless in diverse areas such as education, medical service, community development, business, and caring for the weak and handicapped. These workers have a heart for people often overlooked by others, especially in places where few have heard the Good News. A favorite verse is: “So, being affectionately desirous of you, we were ready to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves, because you had become very dear to us." (1 Thes. 2:8 ESV)

 MC & Vivian still live in East Asia, and their work includes time on planes, ships, and trains, as they supervise, care for workers, and collaborate with like-minded people and organizations near and far to recruit and support those called to follow the One who “came not to be served but to serve” and said, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”

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Santimays Family
Chris and Sarah Santimays

Ever since we were young we always wanted to serve with youth, we just didn’t realize we would be doing it full-time and halfway across the world. Chris loves everything sports and enjoys staying up to date with global economics and finance events. Sarah is one of ten children, 9 of which are adopted. Sarah enjoys dancing and baking when she gets the chance as being a new-mother can be extremely time consuming.

We serve at Trumpets of Christ International in northern Thailand. Under TCI is Faith Village Children’s home which cares for children who are abandoned or at risk for human trafficking. The children come from all different areas and tribal groups such as Thai, Shan, Aka, Lahoo, and Chinese. Faith Village also runs its own secondary school for the children after they graduate from the local elementary school. We teach various subjects at the school. In addition, we lead the children’s ministry at their church. Chris is also in charge of accounting, managing, and organizing TCI’s finances.  Our vision is to help them care for and reach the people of Northern Thailand for Christ.


Kim Family
Danny and Kathy Kim

May God be Gracious to us and Bless us and make His face shine on us — so that Your ways may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.   Psalm 67: 1-2

Danny and Kathy Kim have been serving Indian students locally for several years and now God has called them to India.  Initially, they will be serving the university students in New Delhi areas as they share their lives and living words with the students and their families.  They’re desire is to be a blessing to the students and raise up godly future leaders in India.