Brew*r Family

B and K Brew*r (names and city location withheld due to security reasons in regards to Ks work with women in prostitution) have been serving in H, Germany since 2009.  B planted a church in one of the most diverse areas of the city, known primarily for prostitution, drug addiction, and a large Muslim and homosexual population. The heart of the church is to be loving, Biblically based and Holy Spirit led, and to make a positive difference in the community by tangibly serving them and pointing them to Jesus.  In addition, B and K also lead a ministry home for women escaping the lifestyle of prostitution.  They welcome women to come and live with their family for a season of their lives as they come to know Jesus, be healed of all they have suffered, and come to have hope for their bright futures. 

B and K met when they were 10 years old and grew up together in Los Angeles, California; they have been married for 17 years.  B graduated with a degree in Business Administration, and had a career in corporate America (in sales and finance) for 15 years before receiving the call to Germany. He spends a majority of his time preparing for his sermons, and meets weekly with people in the church, other pastors or friends.  He enjoys laughing with friends, football, nature, his family, and seeing peoples lives transformed by Jesus. 

K was a high school English teacher and an elementary school principal before choosing to be a stay at home mom with their two children.  She has written a womens Bible study, Healing and Wholeness in Christ, and is passionate about studying and teaching Gods Word.  K has ministered in the brothels of the red light district of H and considers it an honor to welcome these dear women into their familys home.  K loves going on date nights with her husband and taking walks in the countryside with her family, and six cats, in tow.

For more information regarding the Brew*rs ministry work and to have access to their church and ministry home websites, please contact GlobalGrace directly and your request will be forwarded.