While Europe includes many countries, languages, and cultures, a simplified way to look at ministry there is to consider it in two sections: Western Europe, sometimes called Free Europe during the Communist era, and Eastern Europe, which was under Communist domination.


Baker Family
Bill and Nona Baker

Building relationships with the poor in Jesus’ name is Bill and Nona Baker’s mission in Slovakia. Through holistic ministry, they teach children and families how to build emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and financial resources. Through supportive relationships as mentors, young people are given personal role models. These relationships are almost always the driving forces that motivate change to get them out of poverty. While financial resources are in the picture, improving the quality of life is about much more than money. Bill says “We are learning that relationships change lives more than good laws.”

Through their work in welfare reform, they have gained open doors to nearly any Gypsy community. One Gypsy believer comments, “Bill has done a tremendous work over here bringing his unique insight into our social system and its reformation. And what has been mostly appreciated by our community is his reflections always go hand in hand with concrete proposals. He is a respected expert from parliament members down to people in communities.”


Brew*r Family
B and K Brew*r

B and K Brew*r (names and city location withheld due to security reasons in regards to K’s work with women in prostitution) have been serving in H, Germany since 2009.  B planted a church in one of the most diverse areas of the city, known primarily for prostitution, drug addiction, and a large Muslim and homosexual population. The heart of the church is to be loving, Biblically based and Holy Spirit led, and to make a positive difference in the community by tangibly serving them and pointing them to Jesus.  In addition, B and K also lead a ministry home for women escaping the lifestyle of prostitution.  They welcome women to come and live with their family for a season of their lives as they come to know Jesus, be healed of all they have suffered, and come to have hope for their bright futures. 

B and K met when they were 10 years old and grew up together in Los Angeles, California; they have been married for 17 years.  B graduated with a degree in Business Administration, and had a career in corporate America (in sales and finance) for 15 years before receiving the call to Germany. He spends a majority of his time preparing for his sermons, and meets weekly with people in the church, other pastors or friends.  He enjoys laughing with friends, football, nature, his family, and seeing people’s lives transformed by Jesus. 

K was a high school English teacher and an elementary school principal before choosing to be a stay at home mom with their two children.  She has written a women’s Bible study, Healing and Wholeness in Christ, and is passionate about studying and teaching God’s Word.  K has ministered in the brothels of the red light district of H and considers it an honor to welcome these dear women into their family’s home.  K loves going on date nights with her husband and taking walks in the countryside with her family, and six cats, in tow.

For more information regarding the Brew*r’s ministry work and to have access to their church and ministry home websites, please contact GlobalGrace directly and your request will be forwarded.

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Holland Family
Luke and Daisy Holland

Luke and Daisy serve at The Oakes Holiday Centre in Sheffield, England. The Oakes is a Christian camp dedicated to presenting the Gospel, discipling young believers, and giving campers a great time. With around 84% of children and young people in England having no church contact, The Oakes is meeting a need in a culture that has abandoned God.

Luke grew up in a Christian family in England, where he was greatly influenced in his faith by attending Christian camps. Traveling to America and Africa to work at various camps, Luke developed a passion for youth work in his own country. He joined The Oakes in 2004 and is now the Network and Media Manager. 

Daisy was raised in Ventura, CA and went on a mission trip to The Oakes in the summer of 2001 and returned each year as a camp counselor. In 2006, Daisy joined The Oakes full-time as the Programme Manager. After marrying in March 2008, Luke and Daisy returned to The Oakes to continue their work. They have three children, Bethany, Caleb, and Micah. They feel The Oakes is where God desires them to be—a place where they can use their gifts to increase God’s kingdom.


Schunneman Family
Robert and Lilian Schunneman

Austria is, and has been since the Counter-reformation days, predominately Roman Catholic. However, in the 52 years that Robert and Lilian Schunneman have been ministering there, the percentage of Roman Catholics has dropped considerably and the evangelical churches have spread and are growing in number. Still there is much indifference to religion and the evangelical churches are considered to be sects. They have had a part in the ongoing camp and conference work of the Schwaigmühle in Salzburg and have spent 13 years with the Salzburg Baptist Church. In 2001 they moved to Styria to be near their daughter and assist with her family.

The Schunneman’s involvement in ministry continues as they work with others to start a church in Deutschlandsberg. Robert says, “The attendance is around 40 with several being unconverted but interested. Please pray with us that they will accept the Lord’s invitation to come and that we will grow in love and unity in the Lord Jesus.”


Parker Windle

Parker has been with EIC Paris since October of 2012. He hails from Alabama, where he received a bachelor in Religion from the University of Mobile and a Masters of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School, at Samford University. During his studies he was an intern for youth ministries, pastors, campus ministries, and social ministries. He also served as camp pastor for Crosspoint camps for two summers. In 2008 he moved to Paris as a Journeyman missionary, where he worked planting churches amongst immigrant populations in the city and coordinating volunteers who wanted to serve in Paris.

Parker loves Paris and has a desire to see the gospel known amongst her people. He loves investing in the youth and young adults to see them cherish Christ and develop His heart for the nations, which constantly surround them in the Paris region. He loves seeing Christ adored in the international and multi-cultural setting of Emmanuel International Church.



sarah moore

A pen pal friendship with an MK grew a love for Romania in the heart of Sarah Moore.  A visit in 2005 watered and nurtured that love for the ethnic gypsies of Romania.  For several years the Lord directed Sarah’s steps to ministry in the states, but the desire to return never left. 

The door opened in 2015 to serve with ProVision Romania in Targu Mures.  For thirteen months Sarah worked alongside a small group of Romanians striving to make a difference among the unlovely, abandoned and unwanted.  The weekly schedule involved teaching Bible clubs after school in two villages, with night shelter children in the city and Bible studies with orphaned young adults. 

Desiring to continue the relationships made while there, Sarah is returning to serve among the same people.  Sharing the love of Christ and life changing message of the gospel with Gypsy, Romanian and Hungarian children is always a joy and adventure. There is no such thing as a boring day and Sarah anticipates what great and mighty things God will do!