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While Europe includes many countries, languages, and cultures, a simplified way to look at ministry there is to consider it in two sections: Western Europe, sometimes called Free Europe during the Communist era, and Eastern Europe, which was under Communist domination.

Western Europe has had many good agencies working there for decades and sends missionaries to other regions. Still, thousands of towns are without any evangelical witness. Refugee work, youth and student work, and ministry within a national church give excellent opportunity for cross-cultural ministry, as do general evangelism and discipleship. 

Eastern Europe presents a different setting for missions. With the fall of Communism in Europe, these countries opened to a degree not experienced since World War II. With freedom came nationalism, sometimes ethnic strife, and in some cases, division of countries and redefining of borders. Instability and economic crises were common. Mission work may have moved beyond the pioneer stage, but there is greater need for evangelism and holistic ministry than in Western Europe.

GlobalGrace Fellowship has ministry in Western and Eastern Europe and is open to expanding even more. If you feel God calling you to give to ministry in Europe, we can connect you with a missionary needing support or a project that needs funding.

Western Europe today is a strategic hub for cutting-edge mission opportunity, though it has often been overlooked by the great mission strategists of our day. Together with GGF, you can change this. 

The Modern World of Europe offers opportunities in the following areas:

Multi-cultural Ministry. Many European cities lie at the end of The Refugee Highway. Uprooted peoples of Eastern Europe and the Middle East stream into Western Europe, eventually ending up in refugee camps. International ministry among these asylum seekers and other migrant peoples represents a great opportunity to those seeking cross-cultural ministry. Ministry to refugees can begin in countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, and in most other countries in Europe, including Britain and Scandinavia.

Ministry to Jews entering Germany is one specific outreach. There are locations in many German cities where one could work among Jews coming out from the former Republics of the Soviet Union. Many of these people are highly educated and often very musical.

Ministry to returning ethnic Germans from Kazakhstan and other locations. These ethnic Germans often live in camps in Germany till they are ready to move into local private housing.

Outreach to European Youth and Children is a promising choice for ministry almost anywhere in Europe. GGF staff has been active in Germany for many years and is able to help in building networks for this type of work.

Ministry to Islamic people within Europe represents a special area of opportunity. Islam is on the increase in Europe, and reaching Muslim peoples there is as vital as reaching them in their traditional homelands.

Pray for outreach to post-Christian Europe and among refugees from many countries.

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