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GlobalGrace Fellowship has a burden for Africa and its people. Africa is not only an extremely unique place; it is a land of extreme diversity. With over 600 million people living in more than 50 countries, there are hundreds of languages, cultures and people groups. Many Africans live in modern cities, drive modern cars and talk on cellular phones each day. Millions of others live in primitive huts, with little to eat, and endure chronic health problems. One thing all Africans have in common, however, is that they live in a problem-stricken continent with enormous human suffering and need.

For decades, GlobalGrace Fellowship has been sending missionaries to Africa and we have found that many Africans have heard of Jesus Christ and have received Him as their personal Savior. Yet tens of millions are still waiting to hear the salvation message of Christ’s work on the cross. Currently GGF missionaries are involved in various ministries,  including evangelism and discipleship, church planting, educational and medical services, AIDS awareness and assistance, children’s and youth ministries, community development projects, deaf and disabled people's ministries, material development and translation projects, and more. GlobalGrace Fellowship's workers are empowering nationals to raise up African leadership both in the urban and rural areas. As over half of Africa’s population is under the age of 16, GGF has found it extremely important to offer more help to the children and youth of Africa. Our ministries in this area include children's homes, school development, HIV medical assistance, scholarship programs, leadership trainings, and material resources.

Opportunities for ministry are abundant in every country of Africa. If you are interested in being a part of reaching this continent for Christ, whether it be through prayer support, financial assistance, or volunteering your service in some way, please contact GlobalGrace Fellowship regarding your area of interest so that we may assist you in making a valuable contribution. Like many other regions of the world, Africa is an ideal place for a tentmaker ministry.

See www.globalopps.org

Please pray for the lost of this great continent, for our current workers, our future workers, and for God's provision of the needed finances that will allow us to keep serving in Africa.

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Central Asia


We consider Central Asian countries as those with names ending in "stan", e.g., Turkmenistan or Tajikistan. Some were part of what was the Soviet Union; some were not. The people of this region are primarily Muslim, although other faiths, including Christianity, are present. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Islam has been strengthening its hold on the "stans" that were part of the Soviet Union, but Christianity has been growing as well. GlobalGrace Fellowship is excited about what God is doing in Central Asia. Our experienced missionaries share with us the need for more workers who have a burden for this part of the world. Our mission leadership have had experience in Central Asia and are personally well-versed on the region.

South Asia


GlobalGrace Fellowship has been involved in South Asia for many years, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and neighboring countries. The people of this region are largely Hindu, although other faiths, including Islam and Christianity, are present. South Asia can be a difficult region for a US passport holder to minister in long term, but is well-suited for a tentmaker or entrepreneurial creative access ministries, that is, a Christians who want to work abroad in a secular occupation while letting his or her Christian light shine through daily life as a witness.

East Asia


GlobalGrace Fellowship sent our 1st missionaries to East Asia in 1932.  Many of the world's largest cities are in East Asia; the population of the Greater Tokyo area, for instance, is about 27 million. More than 50% of the world's population is now urbanized, and it is estimated that by the year 2100, the number of rural dwellers may be only 10%; thus the cities are vital for mission strategy.

China, with its population of 1.3 billion, is home to 21% of the world's population. It is also the country with the fastest Christian expansion ever, now guessed to be 10,000 new converts every day. Accurate estimates are hard to obtain because of the numbers of Christians who keep their faith hidden, the hostility of the national government towards some Christian groups, and difficulties in obtaining accurate statistics on house churches.  Although there are a growing number of believers and churches in China (especially thriving underground or unregistered churches) there are still many Unreached People Groups which are largely untouched by the Gospel of Jesus.  Such groups include Tibetan Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, Hui Muslims, Mongolian, Tujia, Bouyei, Kazhak Muslims, etc.  See:  https://joshuaproject.net/countries/CH  for a complete list.

South Korea could be seen as a success in missions in the last hundred years, and Koreans are carrying the Gospel around the world, especially to other Koreans, but opportunities for cross-cultural ministry still exist in Korea. If you feel God calling you to Korea, do not ignore the call.

Japan is quite different from China or Korea, and a very expensive place to live, but the needs are great. If God calls you there, you can count on Him to meet your needs. 

Opportunities in Asia are many and varied, including university-level teaching, part-time "tent-making", and humanitarian aid.  Qualified English- speaking teachers are particularly welcome there.

SE Asia


Southeast Asia consists of 11 countries squeezed between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Around 620 million inhabitants make Southeast Asia one of the most populated regions in the world. The region’s  people represent Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and animists who have never heard that freedom is found in Christ.

Pray that doors for the gospel will remain open, for the evangelizing and discipleship of young believers and for leadership development.

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Central America & Mexico


The population of Central America is composed of a mixture of indigenous people and those of European descent. Two other ethnic groups present in the population are the blacks (presumably of African descent from the slave trade) and a significant Asian minority composed primarily of Koreans and Taiwanese. Typically, Panama and Costa Rica contain a more dominant presence of European ancestry while countries like Guatemala and Nicaragua have a more distinctive indigenous presence and culture.

Central America is culturally Catholic, with serious pursuit of Catholicism varying by region and strength of local leadership. While not the "state" religion in any of these nations, Catholicism enjoys a kind of "favored son" status religiously speaking. In Costa Rica, for example, a building project can only be designated a "church" if it is affiliated with the Catholic church. Other sects or religions must designate their building projects as "multi-purpose" structures. Most political leadership emerges from the Catholic sector.

Protestant, Evangelical presence in Central America is in the minority, though widespread and well recognized. It comprises some 10% of the Costa Rican population. Ongoing evangelism is needed, particularly in remote, rural areas. However, there are seminaries and Bible schools, and training of lay workers and leaders. The need is for more materials and increased discipleship and leadership development.

The growth and popularity of the Evangelical churches has had an impact on Catholic practice in some areas. In some Catholic services the same choruses are sung that are heard in small Evangelical churches nearby. Some Catholic churches are also teaching the Bible in a more focused way, a reflection of practices in the Protestant, Evangelical movements.

Perhaps the most significant and exciting trend in the Evangelical church in Central America is the move toward becoming missionary senders. Many churches are beginning to send and support missionaries from their own midst. A strong contingent of Latin and Central American missionaries is presently working with Muslims all across the 10-40 window.

Central America is an ideal place for a tentmaker ministry. See www.globalopps.org

In Central America there is great poverty as well as both physical and spiritual need. If you feel called to minister within Central America, Go Ye could be the mission for you.

Pray for ongoing evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and teaching materials.

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While Europe includes many countries, languages, and cultures, a simplified way to look at ministry there is to consider it in two sections: Western Europe, sometimes called Free Europe during the Communist era, and Eastern Europe, which was under Communist domination.

Western Europe has had many good agencies working there for decades and sends missionaries to other regions. Still, thousands of towns are without any evangelical witness. Refugee work, youth and student work, and ministry within a national church give excellent opportunity for cross-cultural ministry, as do general evangelism and discipleship. 

Eastern Europe presents a different setting for missions. With the fall of Communism in Europe, these countries opened to a degree not experienced since World War II. With freedom came nationalism, sometimes ethnic strife, and in some cases, division of countries and redefining of borders. Instability and economic crises were common. Mission work may have moved beyond the pioneer stage, but there is greater need for evangelism and holistic ministry than in Western Europe.

GlobalGrace Fellowship has ministry in Western and Eastern Europe and is open to expanding even more. If you feel God calling you to give to ministry in Europe, we can connect you with a missionary needing support or a project that needs funding.

Western Europe today is a strategic hub for cutting-edge mission opportunity, though it has often been overlooked by the great mission strategists of our day. Together with GGF, you can change this. 

The Modern World of Europe offers opportunities in the following areas:

Multi-cultural Ministry. Many European cities lie at the end of “The Refugee Highway”. Uprooted peoples of Eastern Europe and the Middle East stream into Western Europe, eventually ending up in refugee camps. International ministry among these asylum seekers and other migrant peoples represents a great opportunity to those seeking cross-cultural ministry. Ministry to refugees can begin in countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, and in most other countries in Europe, including Britain and Scandinavia.

Ministry to Jews entering Germany is one specific outreach. There are locations in many German cities where one could work among Jews coming out from the former Republics of the Soviet Union. Many of these people are highly educated and often very musical.

Ministry to returning ethnic Germans from Kazakhstan and other locations. These ethnic Germans often live in camps in Germany till they are ready to move into local private housing.

Outreach to European Youth and Children is a promising choice for ministry almost anywhere in Europe. GGF staff has been active in Germany for many years and is able to help in building networks for this type of work.

Ministry to Islamic people within Europe represents a special area of opportunity. Islam is on the increase in Europe, and reaching Muslim peoples there is as vital as reaching them in their traditional homelands.

Pray for outreach to “post-Christian” Europe and among refugees from many countries.

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Middle East


The Middle East has been in the news enough that you are aware of some of the challenges and problems that exist. GlobalGrace Fellowship has workers in the Middle East who are doing their part to see things change in this region. We believe that the Gospel is the only change agent that will work. Although the vast majority of the people in most countries of the Middle East are Muslim, Christians, Jews, and people of other faiths are present. The Middle East has been a difficult area for missions for a long time. While we do not see that changing anytime soon, we know that God loves each of them and desires that they have a chance to hear the gospel.

Evangelism and church planting are needed in the region. Working with, and encouraging local churches and believers is important.

GlobalGrace Fellowship is excited about what God is doing in the Middle East. Our missionaries often share with us the need for more workers. The ratio of population per missionary in the Middle East may be the lowest in the world. GGF has experience in the Middle East and is praying for growth in this area.

Are you called to minister in the Middle East or to Muslims? Perhaps GlobalGrace Fellowship is the mission for you. If you feel God calling you to give to ministry to Muslims, we can connect you with a missionary needing support or a project that needs funding.

The Middle East is an ideal place for tentmaker or entrepreneurial creative access ministries.

See www.globalopps.org


Missionaries in this region of the world remain anonymous to protect their safety.

Pray for the lost in the Middle East and for workers and finances to reach this needy region.

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North America


There are numerous opportunities for cross-cultural ministry in North American countries. In some situations a person can minister in English; sometimes learning a second language is necessary.  For example, it is estimated that there are over 200 distinct foreign languages spoken in Los Angeles.

God truly has brought the ends of the earth to the United States, and opportunities for full-time cross-cultural ministry here abound. If you sense God has called you to a cross-cultural ministry in the US, perhaps Global Grace is the place for you.  Another area of ministry is our Home Office staff in Monrovia, CA. Meet our staff by clicking Leaders, Staff & Service.  We have opportunities for volunteers and faith-supported workers to assist.

Pray for our faithful US-based missionaries that churches and friends will stand behind them in support and prayer. Pray, too, for our GGF home staff.

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South America


GlobalGrace Fellowship first sent a missionary to South America in 1945 and has been involved in ministry there continuously since then. The population of South America is composed, first of all, of the many indigenous peoples that inhabited these lands long before the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese explorers. With the arrival of black slaves, a mixture took place, leaving us today with the indigenous races (some 25% of the total population), blacks, the Mestizos and the white Europeans. You will find a strong multi-ethnic composition in the overall population.

The outstanding religions are Roman Catholic, Indigenous, Protestant and Evangelical, and Afro-Latin spiritism. There is also a growing interest in the oriental philosophies. Among the evangelical churches, the great majority is of Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal extraction.

The overwhelming religious population is Roman Catholic, though actual practicing Catholics are far fewer than official statistics show.  Of course, culturally, the majority in all of Latin America is Roman Catholic.

Statistics on Protestant and Evangelical growth show the greatest needs are for spiritual maturity on the part of the churches, and teaching and training of workers. Almost 50% of the population in Latin America is 21 years and under. We have before us an altogether new generation that needs to be reached.

Pray for spiritual growth and maturity of the Protestant and Evangelical church in South America and that the youth will be won and discipled for Christ.

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