Jack Goffigon

International Seafarers Centers are the gateway to an unreached people… “There’s no question—Jesus has a better deal,” realized one Chinese seaman when given the chance to make a valid comparison between Buddha and Christ. He requested baptism at the local seafarers’ center, where he was given a New Testament and several Bible study booklets. By the time his ship returned to this same port three months later, eight of his Buddhist shipmates had joined him in searching the Scriptures, and two were ready to be baptized. Those who minister to seafarers around the world find them a receptive group. They are a deprived, lonely and vulnerable group who are hungry for the Good News. What’s more, once seafarers have come to Christ, they can let their light shine both on board ship and in ports of call around the world.

Jack has been a missionary with Go Ye Fellowship for over 50 years. Jack serves as a Chaplain affiliated with the International Seafarers Center at the combined ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. Being sensitive and obedient to the leading of the Lord has allowed him to minister to officers and crew of many foreign cargo vessels that call at the ports. Establishing these relationships enables him to teach new believers how to follow the Lord while underway.