Length: Long Term

Minimum Education: High School Equivalency

Cost: $5,000-$8000 per month


After Jericho Teams go and “prepare the soil” longer-term teams will be sent to each area. We pray some of these longer-term workers will come from the Jericho Teams. A team will be composed of 3-5 units (one unit is a married couple or single). UUPG’s teams will prepare and go together to do language study, learn world view and cultural norms, and develop friendships which will lead to spiritual conversations about Jesus.

The End-Vision for each team is to lead local people to the Lord, then disciple them so they will form into multiplying groups and churches. Each multiplying group or church will continue to multiply itself in the local heart language with local believers leading and teaching. This will result in culturally appropriate forms of worship and outreach.

Depending on location of a particular UUPG the cost to support each team for two years will be $5,000-8,000 per month. (During the project period of 3-5 years teams will raise up support to remain longer-term or more than 5 years.)