Kim Kaiser

Kimberly Kaiser hails from Morton, Illinois and was saved by God’s grace in 1991. She grew in Christ while attending college in Plano and Denton, Texas. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas Woman’s University, she worked in office administration in Central Illinois several years. Then God led her to an opportunity near Río Bravo, Mexico to serve on a mission team for a Christian school for the Deaf. Kim says, “It was a time of new experiences, learning, and witnessing the Lord’s faithfulness.  I feel blessed to be a part of the I55 Team here in Reynosa, Mexico performing administrative and accounting tasks.” Kim loves photography and picture-taking...capturing life and people and places.

Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries (MISIÓN ISAÍAS 55) is a grace-based mission that evangelizes the communities of Mexico through the education of the deaf, an unreached and often neglected people group. A vital part of this mission is ministering to volunteer work teams as they join us in fulfilling the great commission.

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