Judy Kleis

Judy is from Kalamazoo, MI, and met her daughter Malia while serving as business administrator at an orphanage in Uganda with Go Ye Fellowship from 2008-2010. The adoption process led them back to Michigan, where Judy worked in an administrative role for Youth for Christ (YFC) while Malia attended Tree of Life School (TOL). Judy and Malia longed to return to Uganda, but the Lord had other plans, and it would be several years before they would return. During that time, a group of Ugandan adoptive families established A Child's Voice (ACV) to be advocates for vulnerable families, alongside Child Advocacy Africa (CAA), working on the ground in Uganda. Meanwhile, the Lord led Judy to return to school to earn a Bachelor’s in Social Work, allowing her to focus her gifting in the administrative side of non-profit ministry.

About one year before Judy graduated with her BSW, the Lord placed a dream on her heart to serve YFC, TOL, and ACV/CAA with their administrative needs so the organizations could devote their time to their Christ-focused ministries. Each works with vulnerable families in different stages of life, and each has similar administrative needs. Judys former career was in graphic design, so helping with promotional needs for events and operations, along with various aspects of social work, is a combined skill set that benefits each organi-zation. In January 2015 the Lord led Judy to put the plan in place to serve as a missionary again, and GYF welcomed her back in partnership, starting June 2015.

Judy and Malia will be in Uganda during the summer months to work directly with the staff and families of CAA.  During the balance of the year they will return to Michigan, where Judy will serve each ministry where they need it most, from website and social media management to donor development to social work implementation.

For specific updates please visit her website at www.judyfromkzoo.com.