Shan and Lindsey Mahawon

Shan and Lindsey serve together at Faith Village Children’s Home as well as Trumpets of Christ International, a church in northern Thailand.  They work primarily with Shan people, an unreached people group numbering over 30 million spread out across southern China, Burma, northern Thailand, and Laos.  Their heart is to equip the people of northern Thailand to reach their own for Christ.

Shan was born to missionary parents who had a similar vision to reach the Shan people.  Shan’s father is of the Shan people group, and his mother is an American missionary.  Shan speaks the local languages and is familiar with the culture.  He preaches and mentors the youth at Faith Village, while also managing the administration of the ministry.  Lindsey teaches and is certified in English as a Second Language.  She also works in the ministry office, managing the communication department of the ministry.  She is currently learning the local languages.  Both Shan and Lindsey have a heart for mentoring the next generation to become nation-changers, as well as reaching Thailand’s largely Buddhist population with the Gospel!