The Middle East has been in the news enough that you are aware of some of the challenges and problems that exist. GlobalGrace Fellowship has workers in the Middle East who are doing their part to see things change in this region. We believe that the Gospel is the only change agent that will work. Although the vast majority of the people in most countries of the Middle East are Muslim, Christians, Jews, and people of other faiths are present. The Middle East has been a difficult area for missions for a long time. While we do not see that changing anytime soon, we know that God loves each of them and desires that they have a chance to hear the gospel.

Pray for the lost in the Middle East and for workers and finances to reach this needy region.

Evangelism and church planting are needed in the region. Working with, and encouraging local churches and believers is important.

GlobalGrace Fellowship is excited about what God is doing in the Middle East. Our missionaries often share with us the need for more workers. The ratio of population per missionary in the Middle East may be the lowest in the world. GGF has experience in the Middle East and is praying for growth in this area.

Are you called to minister in the Middle East or to Muslims? Perhaps GlobalGrace Fellowship is the mission for you. If you feel God calling you to give to ministry to Muslims, we can connect you with a missionary needing support or a project that needs funding.

The Middle East is an ideal place for tentmaker or entrepreneurail creative access ministries.

See www.globalopps.org