GlobalGrace Fellowship is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission. From its beginning as a Sunday school class, then Go Ye Fellowship, in the early 1930s, GGF has been sending missionaries. Our missionaries currently serve in Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, South America, Central America, and North America, including the United States. We exist to assist people in answering Gods call. 

Age is not an issue with GlobalGrace Fellowship. We have missionaries in their twenties, and we have active field workers in their seventies. Several people have joined GGF after retirement as a second career.

Serving as the vital link between the missionaries and those who send them, GGF assists missionaries to reach their fields and provides:

  • Support through prayer, contact and fellowship

  • Financial administration

  • Donor receipting

  • Accountability

  • Prayer-letter and mailing services

  • Field visits

  • Payroll and income tax records

  • SIMPLE IRA retirement plan

  • Group life insurance

  • Low 12% administrative assessment

We look at individuals as individuals. We work with them as individuals. We view budgets, projects, furloughs, retirement, childrens education, and more, as individual matters, guided by God, to be worked out between the missionary, the sending church, and GlobalGrace Fellowship. Such details are important, but we treat each on an individual basis with a more personal result.

Today GlobalGrace Fellowship has more than 80 missionaries serving in over 40 countries. We know them, we love them, and we serve them. Perhaps we are just the agency you or someone from your church is looking for.