Robert and Lilian Schunneman

Austria is, and has been since the Counter-reformation days, predominately Roman Catholic. However, in the 52 years that Robert and Lilian Schunneman have been ministering there, the percentage of Roman Catholics has dropped considerably and the evangelical churches have spread and are growing in number. Still there is much indifference to religion and the evangelical churches are considered to be sects. They have had a part in the ongoing camp and conference work of the Schwaigmühle in Salzburg and have spent 13 years with the Salzburg Baptist Church. In 2001 they moved to Styria to be near their daughter and assist with her family.

The Schunnemans involvement in ministry continues as they work with others to start a church in Deutschlandsberg. Robert says, The attendance is around 40 with several being unconverted but interested. Please pray with us that they will accept the Lord’s invitation to come and that we will grow in love and unity in the Lord Jesus.