South America

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GlobalGrace Fellowship first sent a missionary to South America in 1945 and has been involved in ministry there continuously since then. The population of South America is composed, first of all, of the many indigenous peoples that inhabited these lands long before the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese explorers. With the arrival of black slaves, a mixture took place, leaving us today with the indigenous races (some 25% of the total population), blacks, the Mestizos and the white Europeans. You will find a strong multi-ethnic composition in the overall population.

The outstanding religions are Roman Catholic, Indigenous, Protestant and Evangelical, and Afro-Latin spiritism. There is also a growing interest in the oriental philosophies. Among the evangelical churches, the great majority is of Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal extraction.

The overwhelming religious population is Roman Catholic, though actual practicing Catholics are far fewer than official statistics show.  Of course, culturally, the majority in all of Latin America is Roman Catholic.

Statistics on Protestant and Evangelical growth show the greatest needs are for spiritual maturity on the part of the churches, and teaching and training of workers. Almost 50% of the population in Latin America is 21 years and under. We have before us an altogether new generation that needs to be reached.

Pray for spiritual growth and maturity of the Protestant and Evangelical church in South America and that the youth will be won and discipled for Christ. 

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