What is the GGF advantage?


Go as a second career

Can God use you and your prior career and life experiences in missions? Absolutely! Andrew & Jennie Mitchell started Go Ye Fellowship, now GlobalGrace Fellowship, and became missionaries as a Second Career. Andrew worked as a commercial artist in the advertising business, and started his own art company. Jennie was a school teacher, mother, and housewife.

What type of backgrounds have GGF missionaries had?
accounting l airline mechanic l baker l building contractor l business manager l carpenter l computer programmer l electrical engineerl elementary school teacher l factory worker l financial administrator l high school teacher l hospital administrator l hotel management l journalist l interior design l mechanical engineerl media production l military officer l nurse l painter l paramedic l pastor l photojournalist l pilot l property maintenance l sales and public relations l secretary l wholesale trader l writer

Can people join after retirement?
Yes, age is not an issue with GGF. Several people have joined GlobalGrace after retirement. You can, too.


Already on the field?

Do you and your present mission agency have different visions on where to go from here? Occasionally, seasoned missionaries feel led to change directions while serving on the field or desire to specialize in areas or locations their agencies cannot offer oversight. GGF is equipped to come along side during these transitions to help them go smoothly for the missionary and his/her church and donors.


Partnering with other agencies.

GlobalGrace Fellowship often works with other agencies to get a missionary to the field or to assist them while already serving. Our goal is to see the nations reached for His Kingdom. If this means working with another organization, either US or foreign-based, GGF is open to and flexible enough to consider such arrangements. These are often referred to as seconding to another organization, which simply means two organizations working together in different capacities in order to provide the right platform for the ministry of the missionary.