Bill and Nona Baker

Building relationships with the poor in Jesus name is Bill and Nona Baker’s mission in Slovakia. Through holistic ministry, they teach children and families how to build emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and financial resources. Through supportive relationships as mentors, young people are given personal role models. These relationships are almost always the driving forces that motivate change to get them out of poverty. While financial resources are in the picture, improving the quality of life is about much more than money. Bill says We are learning that relationships change lives more than good laws.

Through their work in welfare reform, they have gained open doors to nearly any Gypsy community. One Gypsy believer comments, “Bill has done a tremendous work over here bringing his unique insight into our social system and its reformation. And what has been mostly appreciated by our community is his reflections always go hand in hand with concrete proposals. He is a respected expert from parliament members down to people in communities.”