Nolton Nono and Kate Beale

We have all heard of the situations along the US-Mexican border.  It might be illegal immigration and the education and healthcare financial strains it puts on US border states.  Or it could be the crime associated with drugs and gangs in the Mexican border towns. But most people agree that the Hispanic peoples are mostly hard working, friendly, and family oriented, and they need to know Jesus like we all do.

GlobalGrace missionaries “Nono” and Kate Beale (shown here with daughter Sadler) minister in the town of Reynosa, Mexico, just across the border from McAllen, Texas. The Beales head up the Isaiah 55 ministry team, whose core ministry is the Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministry. This school for the deaf has opened up a whole new horizon for Mexican children who are unable to hear. Not only are they now able to participate in school and other learning activities, but they are also able to hear and understand the Gospel. Praise God. The Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministry has the added benefit of being a foundation for further outreach to the Reynosa community. Additionally, the Isaiah 55 team also host short-term teams that come down from the USA to participate in various building projects, including the buildings that house the school for the deaf.

Remember the Beales in prayer because the violence has grown in recent months in many Mexican towns and safety has become a bigger issue. Continue to pray for the Isaiah 55 Deaf school, that the children will come to the Lord, and so will their families as the Beale’s ministry impacts the wider community.