Luke and Daisy Holland

Luke and Daisy serve at The Oakes Holiday Centre in Sheffield, England. The Oakes is a Christian camp dedicated to presenting the Gospel, discipling young believers, and giving campers a great time. With around 84% of children and young people in England having no church contact, The Oakes is meeting a need in a culture that has abandoned God.

Luke grew up in a Christian family in England, where he was greatly influenced in his faith by attending Christian camps. Traveling to America and Africa to work at various camps, Luke developed a passion for youth work in his own country. He joined The Oakes in 2004 and is now the Network and Media Manager. 

Daisy was raised in Ventura, CA and went on a mission trip to The Oakes in the summer of 2001 and returned each year as a camp counselor. In 2006, Daisy joined The Oakes full-time as the Programme Manager. After marrying in March 2008, Luke and Daisy returned to The Oakes to continue their work. They recently had a daughter, Bethany Rose, born on July 3, 2010. They feel The Oakes is where God desires them to be—a place where they can use their gifts to increase God’s kingdom.