Dr. George Wood

Take a journey to the Holy Land without leaving your seat! Walk Thru the Bible uses hand signs, catch phrases, audience participation, and huge dose of humor to teach you the chronological events of the Old and New Testaments. Within a short, one-day seminar participants come away knowing 77 major people, places and events, and understanding how the books of the Bible fit together. Dr. George Wood leads Walk Thru Seminars around the world.

George is a businessman, but he’ll tell you one of his primary reasons for working is to support “his mission’s habit”. His forte is taking short term mission trips focusing on missionary care, encouraging and enhancing GGF missionaries. Besides biblical instruction, George often supplies thousands of dollars of medical supplies to set up medical clinics used to help the poorest of the poor in developing countries. When not on a short term mission trip, George is involved weekly in an outreach focused on the Hispanic community in Los Angeles. George is also a valuable member of GGF’s Board of Trustees.