Dolfi and Gilagwenda Maunda

Datooga people live in a very remote area of Tanzania, Africa. As a people, they blend in with their environment, their dress being the color of the reddish brown soil. Only on closer inspection will they appear colorful with their patched leather dresses, bead work, and brass bracelets and necklaces. A prominent decoration is tattooing of circular patterns around the eyes. They are part of the broad Nilotic migration from the Sudan along the Nile River centuries ago. 

Dolfi and Gilagwenda ‘Gil’ Maunda are serving among the Datooga people with a focus on evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and development. Their impact is seen by teaching adult literacy so the people can read God's Word. They are helping the government to implement school for the children.

A dried up well has become a tangible display of God’s power. With the words of a witch doctor’s curse still ringing in the people’s ears, a drilling rig arrived and dug two new wells. “I asked the engineer to check our original dried up well. So he lowered a pipe and turned on the air. Water and more water gushed out as the Datooga watched in amazement. The engineer was so excited that he shouted to the people, ‘Witch doctors have no power. Only God!’ What a time of praise! They kept pumping until everyone got their water and all the goats and cows drank their fill. GOD in his great wisdom and mercy temporarily stopped the well so that Gidamilanda would be blessed with more wells and the people would see that witch doctors are powerless when confronted by the living God!”